Image of a DEDITEC GmbH module from the BS series with USB interface.

BS-USB2: Improved new edition of the proven BS series

I/O modules without WiFi function further developed and inexpensive

As a developer and solution provider in the field of hardware for control, sensor and measurement technology, DEDITEC GmbH offers an extensive product portfolio of modular components for measurement systems, based on an interface module, in combination with various I/O modules.

Finally we can offer you the popular DEDITEC BS modules again, in an optimized new edition at an attractive price.


Due to the supply bottlenecks on the semiconductor market during the corona crisis, we had to withdraw our popular I/O modules from our range and offer you an alternative with the BS-WEU series with a completely new CPU and integrated WiFi function. Unfortunately, this module was only available with the higher-priced WiFi function, which was not required by every customer.


Now, with DEDITEC BS-USB2, we can once again offer you a module without WiFi function. We have optimized the module with two new features and can still offer it at an attractive price.


New! The new DEDITEC BS-USB2 series uses the computing power of ARM® Cortex. In the past, Cortex processors have impressed us so much in every area of application that we decided to use them in the new DEDITEC BS-USB2 as well. Compared to the old BS series, the new modules are significantly faster.


New! The fail-safe mode: Thanks to the improved hardware, new software features have now also been integrated into the DEDITEC BS-USB2 series. A fail-safe mode ensures that the outputs (configurable) of the module are automatically switched on or off to a previously defined state in the event of a communication failure.


Further optimizations in the selection of components also enable us to reduce manufacturing costs and thus achieve a better end price for you with improved performance. There are two things we never compromise on: Quality and performance remain as high as you have come to expect from our DEDITEC products.


The DEDITEC BS-USB2 series is currently available as a variant with 32 digital I/Os with up to 3A switching capacity or 24V signal inputs.


The standard interface is USB 2.0. Optionally expandable with the CAN or RS-232 plug-on adapter, these modules can be connected to form larger, networked systems. -> You can also use our convenient CAN RX/TX mode to have CAN packets processed automatically by the module.


DEDITEC BS-USB2 series features in detail

  • Up to 32 digital I/Os
  • Outputs: Relay in 1A or 3A, MOSFET
  • Inputs: Optocoupler
  • Counter function
  • Fail Safe-Mode
  • Connection: USB 2.0 (access time 2.06ms)
  • CAN 2.0A or CAN 2.0B (galvanically isolated up to 0.5kV) with up to 1 Mbit/s
  • Open CAN protocol
  • Automatic processing of CAN packets (Auto RX/TX mode)