Control of CAN modules

The CAN modules are configured via the ETH or USB interface of the module. Using the DELIB CAN Configuration Utility, which is included in the scope of delivery, an automatic send and receive mode can be configured in addition to the module address and the baud rate.


CAN Configuration Utility – TX

In TX mode, the modules are able to automatically send CAN packets in a freely definable time interval (milliseconds to seconds). The adjacent figure shows the configuration of a TX packet which is sent to CAN address 200 every 1000ms and contains the logical status of the first 64 optocoupler inputs.

CAN Configuration Utility – RX

In RX mode, CAN packets can be received automatically and output to the digital or analog outputs of the module. Up to 4 CAN addresses can be configured individually. The figure on the right shows the configuration of an RX packet. The received logical data at CAN address 0x10, is transferred to the relay outputs 1-64.

DEDITEC CAN Addressing Mode

Register accesses to all functions of the modules can be executed via a CAN protocol designed by us. Thus BYTE, WORD and LONG accesses are possible. A register assignment and protocol description can be found in the download area.


DELIB Command Mode

In the DELIB command mode the register of the product can be accessed selectively. Read and write commands with different amounts of data are available. An overview can be found in the manual “Protocols & Register Assignment” in the download area.


CAN protocol documentation