Overview screen of the ICT tool with all functions. These are described in more detail in the following chapters

General information on the ICT tool

We have developed the new ICT tool to make commissioning our products as easy and straightforward as possible.
This tool combines all the important functions of our old programs, such as the Configuration Utility, Module Demo and DT-Flasher, in one.
With the ICT tool, you can now easily configure, test, diagnose, flash and debug our products.
In the following chapters, we would like to introduce you to our new all-in-one software in more detail.

Module selection

Here you can integrate your modules into the ICT tool by clicking on the “+” symbol, so that you can then configure or test them.

ICT-Tool module selection. Display of the ICT-Tool at program start

Start screen

Here you can find some important information about your selected module.
In addition, you can display the manual of the module as PDF or HTML version here.
Under “Show module IDs” you can call up all available module IDs. This ID is needed to integrate our products into your software projects.

ICT-Tool module info. Display of the ICT tool when the module is open

ICT Treeview

In the treeview on the left side of the program window, you can see the respective forms that are supported by your module.
With a click you can then display this form in the right part of the program and perform possible configurations or tests.

ICT-Tool Treeview. Presentation of the ICT tool, explanation of the structure