Configuration of Ethernet modules

Modules with a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface can be connected directly to a PC or to a network LAN. The following two options are available for configuration:


1. Web interface

The Ethernet module has its own web server that can be used to change the following parameters:


  • IP address
  • Netmask
  • Std. Gateway
  • DNS Server

2. DELIB Configuration Utiliy

With the DELIB Configuration Utility the network can be automatically searched for DEDITEC products. All modules found can then be configured with a few clicks. The following parameters can be displayed and partly changed:


  • MAC address
  • DHCP or static IP
  • IP address
  • Module name
  • Product type
  • Netmask
  • Std.-Gateway
  • Port
  • Connection timeout
  • Encryption
  • Name assignment for I/Os

Advanced options

View advanced setting options for network settings, encryption and I/O naming.

Port and timeout

Additional options for the connection timeout and the port used can be specified.

Encryption options

If desired, a secure connection with user name and password can be established.

I/O Name Assignment

It is possible to name I/Os. This function facilitates the handling of the I/Os and is for convenience. This function is only available for products with Ethernet interface.

The DELIB Configuration Utility is installed with the DELIB 2.0 driver library and can be downloaded here


DELIB driver library


More details about the control and some programming examples can be found in the programming section.