High-end for beginners: the new modules WEU-RELAIS-8 and WEU-OPTOIN-8


The new modules of the WEU series from DEDITEC are the successors of the pure ETH modules (ETH-RELAIS-8 and ETH-OPTOIN-8).

WEU stands for WiFi, Ethernet and Lan. The WEU-RELAIS-8 and the WEU-OPTOIN-8 can be configured and controlled wired via Ethernet (10/100Mbit) or USB (2.0/1.1) as well as wireless via WiFi with any DEDITEC software.


Setting up the modules with the company or home network is particularly user-friendly thanks to their three WiFi modes: WiFi ON, WPS Start and – if WiFi is not desired – WiFi Off. All modes can be easily set directly on the module using a button or via the included “Module Config” software.


The extensive Windows driver library (DELIB) enables a uniform and very simple control of the modules under almost all available programming languages. Furthermore, after the installation of the DELIB driver library, not only a ready-made configuration program, but furthermore also a test program is available. As expected, DEDITEC supplies the required software directly on the “DEDITEC Driver CD”. Alternatively, it can also be easily downloaded from www.DEDITEC.de. By the way, both modules are fully software compatible to the predecessor modules.

But the best is: The WEU modules do not differ in price from the ETH modules. The WEU-RELAIS-8 is already available for 145 € (plus VAT); the model with digital inputs even costs only 135 € (plus VAT).


Due to this very good price-performance ratio, both modules are the optimal entry-level models. Here the customer gets high-end at a fair price.


Technical data in detail:



The outputs of the WEU-RELAIS-8 are realized by 8 galvanically isolated relay outputs for switching capacities up to max. 1 A. Additionally a timeout protection was integrated, which switches off the module automatically, if it cannot be addressed within a predefined period of time.



The WEU-OPTOIN-8 has 8 galvanically isolated optocoupler inputs for digital acquisition of voltages in the range of 15-30 V (optionally 5-15 V) AC/DC. Each input channel has a 16-bit counter (up to 100 Hz) to count fast events of the module. In addition, a counter/flip-flop filter can be set from 5 to 255 ms and a filter to sample the digital input channels from 1 to 255 ms.


Both WEU modules have four status LEDs and one LED at each input and output channel. Additionally, four DIP switches facilitate the network configuration. The connection wiring of both modules is done via two 8-pole stretchable screw terminals. The modules are operated with a supply voltage of +12 to 24 V DC.


The dimensions (L x W x H): 112 x 90 x 55 mm