Automated heating control in a hotel


Located in the Northern Vosges National Park, the Hotel La Clairière is very popular for its well thought-out organic and spa offers.


The control of the heating system used to work mechanically, in conjunction with the room key. After the introduction of the electronic room card an alternative had to be found.


The DEDITEC module “RO-ETH-R64” closes the gap that has arisen and considerably simplifies heating control. The software library supplied by DEDITEC enabled the developers of the hotel software to connect the module directly to the hotel software. The heating is now switched on and off immediately when a customer checks in and out.


Product photo: RO-ETH-R64

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Features of the product:

  • RO-CPU-ETH (ARM processor + Embedded Linux)
    Ethernet interface with galvanic isolation
    64 relay outputs with 24V AC/DC switching voltage

La Clairière Bio-Spa-Hotel, Elsass