An excerpt of current projects.


VR Seat Buck
Prove Realities GmbH – VR Seat Buck

The Prove Realities GmbH Seat Buck is an electromechanical unit that moves to the desired vehicle position via tablet input.
The vehicle position is controlled by a NET series module.

Institute of Aircraft Design at the University of Stuttgart – e-Genius

e-Genius is a two-seater electric aircraft developed and built at the Institute of Aircraft Design at the University of Stuttgart (IFB) under the direction of Professor Voit-Nitschmann.

Water recycling plant – MANIBS GmbH

The module is used in the water recycling plant at the Centerparc Bispingen swimming pool.
The plant recycles 80% of the wastewater from the pool's sand filter backwash into pool filling water.

Circuit of a light/flash control for surface inspection

The DEDITEC module "RO-ETH-O16-M16" switches the trigger control for the light/flash control of the PROMEX-CSI and takes over the signaling/communication with the PLC for the automatic sawing out of damaged profile pieces.

Automated heating control in a hotel

The control of the heating previously functioned mechanically, in conjunction with the room key. After the introduction of the electronic room card, an alternative had to be found.

Movie playback at the touch of a button

For a product presentation intended at events (AUCOS COUP),
a video and time-delayed hydraulic drive starts at the push of a button.

Das DEDITEC-Modul steuert diesen Prozess.

Erfassung von Maschienendaten
Acquisition of machine data – L-mobile Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

The DEDITEC modules from the RO series record the machine data safely and reliably and make it available to the L-mobile software.

Voltage monitoring of DUTs in network test systems

Within a test and inspection system for automotive electronic systems, the RO-ETH/LC-CAN-AD16_ISO is used for voltage monitoring.

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From large industrial corporations to small businesses

Overcoming many different challenges are the tasks of our control & regulation modules.
The diversity of our product range is also reflected in the diversity of our customers and their requirements.
We would like to present a selection of projects to you here


Here is an excerpt of our customers.

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