More possibilities. More protection.

DEDITEC’s new library for digital output modules.


Advanced timeout protection function

An extended protection function for digital output modules now even more reliably prevents any damage caused by faults in the communication between the control computer and the EA module. This is because the latest version of the DELIB driver library provides an extended timeout command. This creates maximum flexibility for all users when implementing their projects. And reduces the risk of accidents to an extreme minimum – for example in the application area of motors and valves. Up to now, the DEDITEC timeout protection has already ensured that by switching off all (relay, MOSFET or DA) outputs, motors come to a standstill in the event of a fault and damage is prevented. The new feature now allows you to additionally specify exactly which output is to be switched on or off and which state is to remain unnoticed.

Want a brake to be applied to stop a motor faster and an alarm tone to sound at the same time? With the extended protection function for digital output modules, you have all the options – and even more safety!